39011-1 ONOX Foot Solution® - Pump Spray

ŌNOX Foot Solution® stops foot odor, cures sweaty foot, and prevents Athlete's Foot. In addition, ONOX Foot Solution® retards perspiration, reduces blistering, itching and chafing.

Controlled tests by Dr. O.E. Byrd of Stanford University and Dr. E.M. Bloner, a dermatologist, showed that ŌNOX Foot Solution® users have a 3 to 1 advantage over non-users in the prevention of Athlete's Foot.

Podiatrists: ŌNOX Foot Solution is an OTC product for bromhidrosis (excessive moisture), hyperhidrosis (wet and malodorous), and Tinea Pedia.

This item contains one pump spray that contains 4 oz ŌNOX foot solution. Minimum order 3 pump sprayers. 

(To order, please email, call, or fax to our office.)

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