ŌNOX History

ŌNOX was founded in 1933 by James de Fremery III in San Francisco with a lab in South Grand Street, Los Angeles. Its key product was an innovative deodorizer and disinfectant used to control foot and body odors in bathrooms, shelters, and gyms. The solution was later found to have special potency in preventing and curing Athlete’s Foot. That was documented by Los Angeles-based Arthur R. Maas Laboratories in January of 1933.

James de Fremery III was born in 1888 in New York city. He moved west with his father, who was one of the California pioneers and the founder of San Francisco Savings Bank. James attended University of California at Berkeley. As a student he was active member of Beta Theta Pi. He loved sailing and the outdoors. Was a longtime member of the Sierra Club and Bohemian and Commonwealth Clubs, the California Historical Society, and the Society of California Pioneers.

James invested heavily in product development, innovation, testing, and promotion. In his personal letter dated 1935, the inquisitive James asked the labs to determine the molecular weight of the ŌNOX products. He was way ahead of his time.

Throughout the 1930s and 40s, ŌNOX focused on perfecting the ŌNOX solution to prevent ring worms and Athlete’s Foot.

ŌNOX History (Cont'd)

James’ son, Robert (Bob), took over as the second CEO after James' retirement. Under Bob’s leadership, ŌNOX developed solution application tools such as trays, sponges, and super sprayers. ŌNOX donated foot solution to the United States Olympics athletes in the 1948 London game, 1952 Helsinki game, and 1956 Melbourne game.

Bob was an economist by training. He was the author of "Money and Freedom" (1955) and "Rights vs. Privileges" (1992). Among the economists closely involved with his research and findings were Dr. Elgin Groseclose, Dr. Martin Bronfenbrenner of Duke University, Dr. E. S. Shaw of Stanford University, Dr. Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate), Mr. William F. Rickenbacker, whose book, "Death of the Dollar" (1968) made extended reference to de Fremery's work in the field of money, and the noted cross-disciplinary thinker and Pulitzer Laureate, Dr. Ernest Becker.

ŌNOX History (Cont'd)

In 1969, ŌNOX merged with Jones Hamilton Company and operated as a separate entity. James Black was president. He moved the company to Palo Alto to be close to his residence. Jones Hamilton consolidated a hand cream product into ŌNOX. ŌNOX marketed both foot solutions and hand cream. During that time, ŌNOX logo was “Dan the Shower Man” who uses hand cream and foot solution after each shower.

In 1989, Jones Hamilton Company restructured and moved to Ohio. ŌNOX was separated and remained independent ever since. We current maintain our corporate office in Palo Alto with two distribution centers in Manteca, CA and Cincinnati, OH.